Maya Universe Academy was established in 2011 by youths determined to challenge the education system in Nepal. The chain of private schools provides access to affordable and quality education to children living in rural Nepal.

Quality education does not need to be exchanged for money. We believe access to quality education unlocks doors to new opportunities and helps children and their families to realize their dreams and contribute to positive social change in Nepal.

Most parents and family members of our students cannot pay financially and work for our social enterprises for two days a month. Instead of paying money, they exchange knowledge and skills for the education of their children. During those two days, they build the classrooms, farm the land or help host volunteers.

We are currently operating from two locations. The largest school educates up to grade 8. both schools have a farm where vegetables are grown and animals are kept.

Around 80 students live on campus at Maya home. Many of these children come from Udayapur, where Maya previously operated a school. Another large part joined Maya Home from Ghorka following the devastating 2015 earthquake.

Maya Universe Academy accepts students from all ethnic origins. Maya alumni are currently furthering their education across Nepal, with continuous support from our team. Others are currently teaching the younger generation at our schools.

Udhin Dhunga, Tanahun

250 students, 30 employees