Maya Universe Academy opened its doors in 2011 providing education to students from a tent. From the early days, the families of students enrolled were an active part of Maya’s growth. Parents of students built the school, they ploughed the fields, and planted seeds for Maya’s future.

In return, we committed ourselves to providing quality education and lifelong learning to their children.

Maya Universe Academy aims to be self-sufficient by generating its income through social enterprises. We provide volunteering opportunities and produce food for our students through agriculture and poultry farming.

Our consortium of schools has from its start been carried by Nepalese teachers and volunteers from the communities. This strong Nepalese base is embedded in an international network of different individuals and teams who have often volunteered at the schools and keep supporting Maya in their own way. We have foundations in France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain. See the team page for more information.

Maya only receives financial support from her own foundations and organizations that appreciate and support our working methods and believes. We remain independent in the choices we make.