Our Nepalese team manages the chain of private schools in Nepal. We are supported by our foundations in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain and the United States.


Yoon ShinChul

Co-Founder & South Korea Representative

Yoon is from Korea. Studied at Mahindra United World College and furthered his studies at Calvin College in the United States. Co-founded Maya Universe Academy in 2010 with Manjil Rana. He is a history teacher, as well a directing manager of Maya’s social enterprises to help improve the financial sustainability of the school.


Manjil Rana

Founding Principal

Manjil Rana, from Kathmandu, Nepal, studied at St Xavier’s School and continued college at UWC (Mahindra United World College in India). Rana furthered his studies at the College of Atlantic reading Human Ecology and is currently specialising in Sociology and Cultural Anthropology at Tribhuvan University.


Siddharth Lama Yonzon

Co-Founder, Pokhari Bhanjyang Branch

Siddharth was born in Nepal and raised in Kathmandu. He worked at Himalayan Health Care INC as a junior office and later at a Hamro Aastha Nepal rehabilitation centre for two years. Siddharth gained experience as a resident teacher at Malpi International School. He began his journey with Maya Universe Academy as a volunteer and since 2015 co-founded its branch in Pokhari Bhanjyang, Tanahun District.

Krishna Chaulagai

Co-ordinator, Tanahun

Krishna, a dedicated and compassionate Mayan, is an essential part of Maya Universe Academy. With a background in construction and a passion for education, he serves as an administrator and senior volunteer coordinator. From his early days on the construction team to his studies in Anthropology and teaching experience, Krishna’s journey led him to further Maya’s mission to make a positive impact.


Niki Achchhami

Co-ordinator, Tanahun

Nikki was born in India and lives just a 10 minute walk from the school in Tanahun. She has been working with Maya since the start in 2011 and even volunteered in the beginning. She currently manages our main school.


Maya Universe Academy Foundation, France

Alice Guiyoule

Co-founder Maya Universe Academy France

Alice Guiyoule co-founded Maya Universe France. In 2015, she left her career as a social worker in France to volunteer as a teacher at Maya, where she quickly became inspired by the organization’s mission. Today, Alice is a teacher and oversees the boarding school and the academic department at Maya. (https://www.instagram.com/maya.universe.france/)


Maya Universe Academy Foundation, Germany

Dora Mueller

Co-Ordinator, Maya Universe Academy, Germany

Dora currently lives in Berlin and studied early childhood education at the Katholische Hochschule für Sozialwesen Berlin (KHSB). She has been working for Maya for long time and specifically focuses on Kindergarten. (https://www.mayauniversegermany.de/)


Maya Universe Academy Foundation, Netherlands

Rikke van der Veen

Co-founder Maya Universe Academy, Netherlands

Rikke works as a knowledge broker in international development cooperation back home in the Netherlands. He holds a bachelors in anthropology and two masters in international development, one from the University of Amsterdam and one from the Radboud University Nijmegen. He acts as a general board member of MUA-NL. (https://mua-nl.org/)


Maya Universe Academy Foundation, Spain

Clara Sánchez-Maroto Pérez

Co-founder Maya Universe Academy Spain

When Clara is not at her house in Maya, she works as a teacher back home in Spain. She holds a Masters degree from the the University of Alcalá in Biology and Geology.


Children of Everest, USA

Dhruv Kochhar

Chairman, Children of Everest

Dhruv grew up in India and currently resides in Los Angeles. He has been a part of the Mayan movement since its inception and is passionate about improving access to education for all. He leads funding operations for COE in the US and is an integral part of of the team.