Maya Universe Academy aims to achieve full sustainability through its own social enterprise.

Through various collaborations, Maya has invested in a poultry business, handicrafts, travel and volunteering opportunities.

The income generated through these microenterprises aims to achieve the schools’ self-sustainability, maintain adequate educational resources for students and teachers, and provide employment opportunities in the rural areas in which the schools operate in.

Maya’s Country Chicken

Maya’s Country Chicken is a community-driven enterprise promoting small farms in rural areas, fair trade and access to the market. Profits earned contribute to the school’s running costs and growth.


Crafts by Maya Universe is a collaboration of designers from around the world working with Nepali women, mothers of students at Maya Universe Academy. We handcraft a collection of jewellery and baskets. Follow us on Instagram @CraftsbyMayaUniverse Spread the love of Maya, Become a Retailer today! E: mayahandicraftsnepal[at]

Maya Travel Education Experience

Maya EdEx is a not-for-profit social enterprise to combine educational experience, immersion into the local culture, and a responsible allocation of resources in order to benefit local communities in rural Nepal. We offer an immersive experience into Nepali culture, incorporating traditional workshops, meals with local families in rural villages, and hikes with views of the Himalayas; all in the vicinity of Maya Universe Academy’s first campus in Tanahun District. Make a Booking