Sponsor a Child Today

Give more children the equal right to quality education and wellbeing. Maya Universe Academy hosts children from all over the country, including earthquake victims from Gorkha, whose guardians cannot provide time or money for their children’s’ education or provide adequate living standards.

YOU can give this right to a child today from just 25$ per month.

Your contribution will help us to provide all the necessary living and educational requirements. The basic cost per child starts at $80 per month: This is only $2.70 per day to cover 2 basic Nepali meals (seasonal vegetables, rice and daal) + lunch snack + meat dinner once a week. The ideal living cost is around $120 per month: This includes the above Nepali meals with varieties of daal, eggs 3 times a week, meat and fish twice a week + school tuition, curriculum books, stationery, school uniform, school bags, school shoes, sportswear, and winter wear. This cost also includes contributions to new bed linen, toiletries and personal care, basic medical care, water & electricity. It does not include other ad-hoc expenses and travel.

The form below provides different payment options. You can also choose to sponsor through our Dutch or French organization. Depending on where you live this might provide tax advantages:
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Maya Universe Academy Netherlands

Request more information from sponsor@mayauniverseacademy.org